Working from home scams

By | August 14, 2016

How can we avoid working from home scams? There is nothing more soul destroying than the moment you realise that the time, faith and hard work you have diligently put into a new and exciting project results in you being duped ……again!

Almost as bad as scams is the multi level up-sell programme. You respond with enthusiasm to an opportunity which seems really credible.  You sign up and then find out that you are on the lowest rung of the up-selling ladder. In order to get detailed training and “insider secrets” you have to pay your way through six or seven further levels to get access to the “big money”. Of course, you do not have to pay more but you just know that you have been duped …….again!

I would not wish these experiences on anyone and, if my pitiful exploits can prevent you from the pain of watching your hard earned cash  go down the toilet pan, I will feel that I have, in some way, redeemed myself a little.

My story starts some time ago when I purchased a shiny set of self-help books, dvds, cds in fancy boxes on a monthly subscription from a leading guru in the lucrative world of self improvement programmes. They were pretty and fine and I could afford them at the time. However, real life took one of its many turns and I found myself in the position of having to live on a drastically reduced income.

Forced by bad health to look for a work-from-home opportunity, I set out to storm the internet and find all these lovely little sites that would show me the easy way to make money online. And whose site did I land on? Yep, that self same guru who had 5 mansions, 9 cars, a pot of gold and a stairway to heaven! Ok, I am exaggerating, but when you desperately need advice, you will try anything (well, most things).

So, I signed up for a monthly newsletter which would give me access to the secrets of many online money generating businesses and excitedly awaited for the first one to arrive.

By this time, you will have worked out what happened next.

If you can, would you please be kind enough to leave a comment, especially if you have journeyed down the same path or are giving it some consideration. Many thanks.

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