Selling used books on Amazon

By | August 17, 2016

Newsletter 1 – Selling used books on Amazon – Yes, that was ideal for me. As a life long lover of the written word, I was sure that books – non fiction only – would be the way to go. The newsletter promoted an e-book by a someone who had it all worked out and was making a fortune. I followed the link to his site, paid my “vastly reduced one time only” fee for his e-book and off I went to buy beautiful books that everyone would want to buy from me. Just over 500 of them. I set up my business account with Amazon and prepared to list and list and list. It was here that I discovered “penny sellers”.

I had no idea who these people were, or even that they existed, but it seems that they sell so many used books (in the millions) that they list them all for 1 penny. Amazon, in its wisdom, allows a predetermined postal charge for each book and that is where they earn their money. Due to the enormous amounts of books being sent, they secure a discounted charge from couriers whilst we humble sellers have to pay full whack!

On top of that, you have the other sellers in the same boat as yourself who are competing maniacally to get their book sold. They reduce their prices by pennies on a daily basis in the mad hope that they will hit pay dirt some day. It does happen, and I sold about 200 in 16 months, but for miniscule amounts as Amazon fees are – well shall we say “not cheap”.


I now have 300+ beautiful books siting sadly unread in bookcases hoping that, someday, someone will take them down and appreciate their “tight binding, strong spines and straight pages”.

Oh well!

If you can, would you please be kind enough to leave a comment, especially if you have journeyed down the same path or are giving it some consideration. Many thanks.


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