A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME? Sorry, I have no enticing pictures of – Hunky guys and girls Million Dollar Mansions Fancy cars   Tropical Holidays Rolex Watches Business conglomerates Why? Because, unlike schemes and scams offered online,  Wealthy Affiliate does not promise these things. You will not get these luxuries overnight but you might get… Read More »

Drop Shipping. Order from Amazon and sell on eBay.

Newsletter 4 – Drop Shipping I had previously come across this term, and the heralded promise of making a substantial income online, so I was eager to read on to find out the methodology behind this latest opportunity. And find out I did! For a cheaper than cheap monthly fee, I would be enrolled into an academy and… Read More »

Can you make money on eBay

Newsletter 3 – Can you make money on eBay? I have had an eBay seller account for some time which I had used to sell some of my personal bits and bobs over the years. I had some surprisingly good and, I suppose, lucky results and found the experience quite easy and a little exciting. Lured… Read More »

Selling used books on Amazon

Newsletter 1 – Selling used books on Amazon – Yes, that was ideal for me. As a life long lover of the written word, I was sure that books – non fiction only – would be the way to go. The newsletter promoted an e-book by a someone who had it all worked out and… Read More »

Working from home scams

How can we avoid working from home scams? There is nothing more soul destroying than the moment you realise that the time, faith and hard work you have diligently put into a new and exciting project results in you being duped ……again! Almost as bad as scams is the multi level up-sell programme. You respond with… Read More »