How I Became An Affiliate Marketer With My Own Home Business and How You Can Too

Lynn PhotoHi I’m Elkie and thank you for dropping by. Today, I will tell you my story of how I became an Affiliate Marketer with my Own Home Business and how you can do it too!

First of all, let me thank you for visiting my website. Let’s hope that today will be your first day on the road to securing full financial freedom by running your Own Home Business – just like me.

Before I begin to explain how I am going to help you create your own absolutely free and real online money-making, work from home business, I am sure that you will want to know at least a little about who I am and why I am offering you this unique opportunity.

So, I was just an ordinary woman with an ordinary family life doing ordinary things and quite happily minding my own business . However, a recent and unexpected diagnosis of fibromyalgia stopped me in my tracks and thus ended a lifetime of making a living in the usual, accepted way. You know – 9 till 5, Monday to Friday, monthly salary, driving through rush hour, shopping during lunch hour – week after week after week after……… well you know how this story goes.



Did I miss it? Truthfully? Nah!

Of course, I did miss the monthly salary but it was the lack of exercising my brain matter on a daily basis, thus keeping the old wits sharp and functioning, that really took its toll.

One day I opened up my laptop and made a promise to myself and the universe that I would find an online earning opportunity that would allow me to work from home, at my own pace, and bank way more money than I ever had before.

Did I find it, you ask? Yes, I reply, with a smile . But I had to crack a few eggs before I got to eat the omelette. Quite a few. 


I am sure you know it can be a minefield out there in internet land and, unless you have a good idea of what you are doing, it can prove to be quite scary and overpowering. However, when you find a system that is -and I am not exaggerating here at all – unbelievably good and genuine, you can really transform your life.

Having survived my internet inititation, I am happy to share my personal journey and, hopefully, help protect decent people from cons, scams and other nasty things.

If you can, would you please be kind enough to leave a comment, especially if you have journeyed down the same path or are giving it some consideration.

Many thanks




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