Drop Shipping. Order from Amazon and sell on eBay.

By | September 18, 2016

Newsletter 4 – Drop Shipping
I had previously come across this term, and the heralded promise of making a substantial income online, so I was eager to read on to find out the methodology behind this latest opportunity.

And find out I did! For a cheaper than cheap monthly fee, I would be enrolled into an academy and would be taught how to drop ship. I would be supplied with the tools to automate the business allowing me to recline on a beach with many cocktails and just watch the sales add up. Sounded good to me, I could afford the monthly fees, so I set off along the path of becoming a successful drop shipper (have to be careful how you say that).

After setting up my account and the other paraphernalia involved, my password took me smoothly into the live website and my “Welcome” video to find that I could upgrade to another programme (or four) soon, if I wanted the BIG money.

I was allocated a mentor, who I heard from 3 times only and never in response to any of my actual questions, and was given copies of spreadsheets that I would need to keep my business in order.

So! What did I learn about drop shipping. With this particular company, I learned how to:

Find items on Amazon that I would then list for sale on eBay

You could not make it up!!!

Once I thought about it, it came to me that, due to having a business account with both Amazon and eBay, I would be able to start right away as I already had a good sales platform with both.

In reality, this system is a perfectly workable business model but, do not be fooled, it is not as easy as it seems. One, often repeated, instruction is to list, list, list and then list again. It truly is a numbers game and all sorts of statistics are quoted as proof. I could see the validity in this but it soon became clear that the cocktails and sand scenario would be unlikely at this lower rung of the drop shipping ladder.



Crucial to the success of this business is which country(ies) that you choose to buy and sell from.



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