You have probably guessed that I am a supporter of Wealthy Affiliate and, of course, I want you to feel that way too.

Are you wondering about other companies that have a similar platform? If it was me, I would! I am hoping that you will credit and trust me enough to provide objective, unbiased reviews. You can, and I suggest you should, do your own research and compare your findings with mine.


Is that fair enough? Then let’s do it!



Name – Wealthy Affiliate

Website – www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners – Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for – The absolute beginner to the seasoned expert

Starter membership – $0  /  £0  /  €0                                                                   ⇒        join here

Premium membership –

$49 month / $359 annum ($0.98 per day)                                                        ⇒        join here

£40 month / £290 annum (£0.80 per day)

 47 month / 345 annum (€0.95 per day)

(Please note: the default currency is the dollar. Conversion rates are approximations only and will vary dependent on the exchange rate of the day)


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers 2 levels of membership, both of which are fully functional and  active from the day of joining.

  • Free membership – Most members are initially drawn to the free membership option, and no wonder! WA includes in this free membership, 2 websites and more quality training and opportunities than other platforms who often charge “silly money” just to get started.
  • Your 2 websites are hosted for free (practically unheard of) on site-rubix (owned by Kyle and Carson) and secure backup is included.
  •  You will have access to the “getting started” certification course and  phase 1 of the bootcamp course. You are given access to video training  walk throughs. The training in both of these courses will allow you to  create fully workable website businessess.
  •  For the first 7 days, you will enjoy 1-on-1 coaching and live help. You  will  be shown how to create your personal blog as a member of WA. You  are  able to become an affiliate of WA promoting this system to earn    payments from WA! You will become a member of a world-wide forum  that includes peers, ambassadors and trainers who offer a wealth of  knowledge and help.

You can find more information on Free Membership here


  • Premium membership  For a monthly (or yearly) payment, the training, support and guidance are, in my opinion, without compare.  So much is included that it would be impossible to list all the benefits in a review.
  • WA premium members can create up to 50 websites with complete hosting, backup and security. All the training that you could possibly imagine – and more – including 12 training certificate classrooms and 7 bootcamp phases. You will enjoy unlimited, and current, video walk throughs and live video training.
  • You have private access to the owners (who are both hands-on) plus 24 / 7 / 365 website support. You are taught how to understand and use website analysis (to keep in touch with your sites’ performance) and take part in the website comment and feedback platforms. There is unlimited 1-on-1 coaching and a fantastic forum of world-wide fellow members who look out for each other and can quickly become friends and mentors.
  • This year will be the most exciting time to become an Affiliate Marketer as the owners of WA have announced even MORE updates, benefits and rewards – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE TO MEMBERS. 

You can find more information on Premium Membership here


In both memberships, you are encouraged and helped to “earn while you learn” by following the tried and tested systems.

OVERALL SCORE : 9+ out of 10


  • No experience needed AT ALL. All you do need is a hobby or interest and you have the makings of your own online business
  • Your completely professional website is created in minutes using the world leading Word Press platform
  • Absolutely free for start up membership and the option to become a premium member should you decide
  • No upfront costs and no credit card details required
  • Definitely NO UPSELLS. The only other costs are the option of upgrading to premium membership and any domain name(s) that you want/need to purchase going forward (bearing in mind that you can have up to 50 websites with WA). Good domain names can be purchased cheaply from Wealthy Affiliate or any other site of your choice (eg Go Daddy). This is very simple to do and full step-by-step instructions are given. 
  • Wealthy Affiliate are totally transparent. There are no hidden costs or agendas to worry about
  • The free membership package includes much more training and direct help than is typically offered with other paid products
  • Hands-on help and tuition from owners and the unique community forum who are happy to assist you with problems, ideas, guidance and fun. Everyone needs a little fun at times
  • Step-by-step learning with no time limits – work at your own pace
  • Completely safe, fast and secure web site hosting
  • Tuition on the very many ways there are to monetise your site
  • So many more benefits. Indeed, it would take pages to list them all


  • Creating your business will take up a fair bit of your time (albeit from your own home and environment)
  • Explaining to your friends/family that you have decided to run your own successful and professional business from home. People may try to “talk you out” of working for yourself. It is human nature to be wary and, unfortunately, people can be reluctant to step outside their safe, comfortable boundaries. It is a shame, really, as they will never know their own potential and capabilities. How amazing so many lives could be be, if  they just had the courage to break the mould.