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You will be asking the questions – How does Wealthy Affiliate work? Can I really make money with a free business? Why should I believe Wealthy Affiliate is legit and not a scam?  What can Wealthy Affiliate do for me? What do they want in return?

So, what is this “Wealthy Affiliate” really all about? Why should I take the time to find out?

Well – it is likely that, if you are reading this, you may be:

  • Looking to create an income stream from your computer, laptop or pad
  • Looking around for an online business but have been put off by the lack of commitment and support on offer
  • Have heard about online affiliate businesses but have absolutely no idea what being an affiliate is or how it works
  • Trying to set up an affiliate business right now but are “stuck”, frustrated and just about to give up
  • A seasoned affiliate business owner who needs to consolidate and protect existing business/businesses

I am so happy to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you in any/all these circumstances.

You may ask, to benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate, what experience do I need?

The honest and truthful answer to that is –

If you know your way around a keyboard

If you have the ability to follow instructions in English

If you have the genuine desire to own a business

If you can answer YES to all three, then you have the required experience needed to become an online business owner.

However, maybe you are looking for a business that you can:

  • Work from home using only your cell phone
  • Log in on a daily basis and “start-up” your automated robotic business
  • Expect to make daily cash in the ?000s within a few days

Sorry, you will definitely not benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate!

I am hopeful that you are still with me at this point. Please do not feel overwhelmed or perplexed.

You have probably guessed that I am a supporter of Wealthy Affiliate and, of course, I want you to feel that way too

You were promised a free real online business and that is exactly what you will get.

In fact, you will get more from Wealthy Affiliate‘s free membership than you would get from many other expensive paid systems. So, here’s what you get for free

  • Two (2) fully functioning websites which will be yours and yours alone. Your websites will be created using the incomparable, quick and easy WordPress platform. You will create state-of-the-art professional websites, ready to earn good money online. Making money is the reason you are reading this, right? Getting your website up, running and ready to develop will be much more simple than you would ever expect. In fact, 4 steps and away you go!
  • Free hosting by site-rubix. Every website needs a host and at Wealthy Affiliate your two (2) sites are hosted for free! Incidentally, site-rubix is owned by Kyle and Carson so you can sleep easily knowing that your sites are in good and safe hands.



  • Training classrooms

classrooms free real business


  • Beginner’s step-by-step training which will teach you all that you need  to create and publish your websites


Wealthy Affiliate are GIVING you a complete ready-to-go, business for the sum total of…………. ZERO Dollars, Pounds or Euros.  

Then, when you are just managing to get your head around the quality of this free business, Wealthy Affiliate hit you with –  TA DA !!!

The Affiliate Bootcamp Course (phase 1) ⇒ 10 lessons of step-by-step training that will set you up with your own online business by promoting Wealthy Affiliate (as one of your free businesses). 

This business works in exactly the same way only, this time, WA is your affiliate.

Visitors sign up, you are paid by Wealthy Affiliate and it has cost you nothing!

What an astounding way to begin your work from home lifestyle! 





All of the above can be yours for absolutely no cost whatsoever and you will not be asked to give credit or debit card details

So! Do you like what you see? Are you ready to give Wealthy Affiliate a try?










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