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Sorry, I have no enticing pictures of –

  • Hunky guys and girls
  • Million Dollar Mansions
  • Fancy cars



  • Tropical Holidays
  • Rolex Watches
  • Business conglomerates

Why? Because, unlike schemes and scams offered online,  Wealthy Affiliate does not promise these things.

You will not get these luxuries overnight but you might get some of them at some point. That depends on YOU and how much time, effort and passion you put into your new Online Affiliate Business.

There are no magic words, magic formulas, trillionaire gurus or masses and masses of free ebooks at Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you know why?

Because Wealthy Affiliate will give you the means to own A COMPLETE, FULLY FUNCTIONING, LEGITIMATE, ACTUAL, WORKING, BUSINESS – not a “scheme”. You will work hard at this business. Just as you would work hard at a bricks and mortar business.

man-computer-money-WALook at any village, town and city and what do you see? Do you see independent tradesmen, shops and service providers? Many of these enterprises have been established for a long time. Some are new and innovative. Many incorporate “son” or “family” in their titles. All have thrived and survived because of one staple reason – hard work!



I expect you are reading this and thinking:

  • I do not have the capital to start a business.
  • Who would believe that I could own a business?
  • I have no academic qualifications, so who would take me seriously?
  • I don’t know the first thing about running a business.
  • I am going to stop reading this page right now – it’s just another “how to” offer without substance or possibility.

NO!                             NO!                            NO!

No to all of the above.

With Wealthy Affiliate you do not need capital to create your new business website. When I say it is free, then I mean free as in a big “zero”. You can have a live website in minutes, once you have selected your domain name. Wealthy Affiliate will explain how to do this in easy steps which are, truly, not at all difficult.

Does it matter who believes that you could have a business of your own? Would the fear of disbelief from your friends and family rob you of the chance to completely transform your life? Would that be fair to you or your family? You know what I have a secret to tell you. As I am building this very website that you are reading at this very minute, not one member of my family, nor any of my friends, are aware that I am an online website business owner.

Most of  those close to me (including my husband)  are”cups half empty” people, stuck in their ways and scared of change. I am not criticising them for being like this. In the main, they are happy enough to plod on through life working (if they actually do have jobs), watching television night after night, raising children and looking forward to whatever vacation they can afford each year. Again, they are content (I think) with this way of living. Me! Not so much. It just dawned on me one day that I needed to do something more with my life – particularly as this is likely to be the only one I’ll have. If you have read through these pages, you will see what I have tried and how I found my way to Wealthy Affiliate. After these many up and down experiences, I think I have done enough groundwork to be allowed to offer a knowledgeable opinion. Do you agree?

Many years ago, when I was a captive in the education system, pupils were allowed to leave school at age 15. Looking back, I wish I had not left but continued on to university. However, 1972 was a great year to be alive and I wanted to experience it with both barrels, so, I left school having secured full-time employment as a junior travel agent.

In those days, as there was work aplenty, my generation was happy to leave education without any recognisable qualifications. Times change, so, later in life, I went to college for 2 years and obtained an HNC (Higher National Certificate) which much improved my CV. I am telling you this because I could never claim to have any sort of degree nor letters after my name. Yet, here I am. Owning an internet business and doing very well, thank you very much. What I did have, was a wealth of information based on

  • experience
  • hobbies
  • family
  • driving
  • holidays  
  • in fact, probably as many subjects as YOU do!
  • As long as you take your business seriously, does it really matter about anyone else?

The thought of running your own internet business is wildly exciting but it is also madly scary. Please – take this chance to be honest with yourself. The fact that you are reading these words surely means that you have been giving the matter some thought. Compared to owning a bricks and mortar business, the internet offers a platform that is accessible to all and is much, much easier to set up. Everything is at your fingertips and you do not need to leave your house, or even your bed if you are so inclined. With Wealthy Affiliate, your website is fully supported and everything you need to know is straight in front of your face.

You can, of course, choose to sell tangible goods via the internet. To do this you will probably need to acquire, store and deliver stock. As this is a new business, you will not be looking to lease storage premises – at least until your customer base develops and your sales take off. Starting small is the key here and a professional website is your number one necessity. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all the web services you need to run a money making sales business from home. 

Whatever you decide, having a memorable website, and maintaining it, is the smart route to success. For many, including me, it is the only way to work for yourself – from home and in full control.

Believe me please, I really hope that you do not leave this page. Not when I am about to introduce you to the best chance that you will ever have of owning your own work-from-home internet business. I am not offering you instant overnight success, nor am I offering you an automated cash cow that will bring you money by the thousands just for turning on your mobile in the morning. I am offering a legitimate “learn while you earn” business which you will create using your own words, knowledge and visions. It will take hard work and commitment but you WILL have a business, owned solely by you. Like all “real” businesses (not to be mistaken for schemes) it will take effort. It will take learning. It will be your success and your future. If that is what you truly want and

YES           YES           YES

you will get it 






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