Start a free online business today? Really?

But I am just an ordinary person. Can I really afford my own online business?

Yes, yes, yes.  You can have your own online business, run it from home, and start it free today.

To benefit from your Wealthy Afiiliate Free Real Online Business and change your life for the better, you will need to:

  • have and be able to use a PC, Laptop or Tablet (or have access to one of these)

  • have drive and ambition

  • have the desire, or need, to work from home

  • have the discipline and work ethic to run a home business

  • have the hunger to succeed and earn big money

If you have answered YES to at least 2 of the above, then I would say that you have already (almost) made up your mind to begin a new era of your life NOW.




How many times have you been promised “a business in a bag” that you can take with you anywhere, and run your business everywhere, except (for the moment) the moon?

I stopped counting at 30 and eventually decided to take action and just go ahead and do it!

So, how did it go for me? There were little successes, silly failures, unsettling moments and, the dreaded,  “up sell “costs. What annoyed me most was the chronic waste of my time.

How often are we are told – “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Still, when you first start out on your quest for a better life, your enthusiasm is such that you often just ignore your doubtsGlossy testimonials from those that have allegedly succeeded can lure you into their schemes even though, in the back of your mind, your gut feeling is telling you to run.

Now, I consider myself to be reasonably world aware and it has been said that I have a modicum of intelligence. I won’t win any prizes for my brains but I can cut my way through most things and manage to get a good enough grasp of a given situation. Nevertheless, I got sucked in more than a few times although 2 of my endeavours are still operating with a good enough return. Lots more, though, have been hastily abandoned –  along with my cash.


If you are reading this page then can I reasonably surmise the following –

  • I am deeply serious about making money working from home

  • You are seriously considering making money working from home

  • You have not yet found a way to make money working from home

  • I can reveal to you how I am making money working from home

Are we on the same page so far? – I really hope we are.

Entrepreneurs, millionaires, gurus, life coaches, researchers, authors, indeed most really successful professionals all agree on one thing – you will never be financially independent and in complete control of your income if you live life as an employee.

They also say that, to become financially independent and in complete control of your life, you must believe that –

You have the competence and ability to learn how to achieve success

You will be commited to learning how to achieve success

You have the drive, fire and desire to achieve success

You will work hard to achieve success

You deserve every success

Let’s say that the above resonates with you – that you are eager to begin the process of financial freedom.

You may, like me, have undergone some not-so-good experiences and you are understandably wary of the “millions and mansions” promises that you have encountered.

Perfect !!!!

You are in an unique position. You have researched, defined, studied and, in some cases, experienced the scams, lies and downright idiotic claims that are on offer. You are well equipped to realise when a genuine opportunity comes your way.

Perfect !!!!

You may be disillusioned with your current career, whatever it may be, and you have realised that now is the right time to take control of your future.

Perfect !!!!

You may ask yourself

Am I the right type of person to create an online, work from home business? In my opinion, you probably are. There are no “right people or wrong people” – just different people in different circumstances. The following is a quick though non-exhaustive list of the type of person and circumstance who could really benefit from working for themselves from home:




Shift workers

Part-time workers





New mothers/fathers



















Now that I have found what I consider to be the holy grail of online business opportunities, I’d like to help others avoid the mistakes that I made. Below, I have listed some of the bright ideas I had to try to make money online. Feel free to laugh at my escapades – I do!

  • Selling used books on Amazon

  • Amazon Retail arbitrage. Selling toys and games on Amazon

  • Selling on Ebay –  New and used

  • Drop shipping

  • Matched betting

  • Buying and selling domain names

  • No-training affiliate marketing with poor end product

  • Clickbank

  • Ponzi schemes

  • Kleeneze, Betterwear, Tupperware, Avon

  • Boot Camp seminars

  • Property Investment seminars

  • Franchise opportunities

    and others that I am too embarrassed to confess to you



If you can, would you please be kind enough to leave a comment, especially if you have journeyed down the same path or are giving it some consideration. Many thanks.


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